Liverpool - NSW

Inspired by its idyllic Georges River setting, Atrium exudes a rare sense of sanctuary and tranquility. Mosca Pserras Architects have conceived an urban oasis which is both respectful of its environment and elevates the area’s architectural pedigree.

A wonderfully livable, convenient city with plenty of heart, Liverpool is a city on the rise, offering everything you could possibly desire for vibrant modern living.


Significant development and infrastructure investment is rapidly transforming Liverpool and its City Centre. Transport, parkland, educational facilities and cultural endeavours are being enhanced and upgraded to realise a vision for the thriving River City of the future.

Atrium is located within walking distance of Liverpool Train Station, providing convenient access to all reaches of Sydney.

In addition to the soon-to-be-revitalised riverfront, Liverpool is blessed with countless well-maintained parks and reserves which provide beautiful green open spaces for recreation, relaxation and keeping fit.

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