Mascot - NSW

Escada is destined to be one of the most alluring buildings in Mascot, bringing anew standard of luxury boutique living
to this thriving hub. 

Celebrate life in full colour at Escada. Glistening barbeque, outdoor dining facilities, extensive turfed space and garden beds bustling with an array of blooms and trees, fill the beautiful raised landscaped gardens on level 1 which form a lush, green retreat and a wonderful scenic backdrop forthe apartments above.

Enjoy a more connected life. Positioned less than 5km from Sydney CBD and the domestic and international airports, Mascot is a vibrant lifestyle hubwhere the culinary and retail scene is one of Sydney’s most visited hotspots.

Escada is just a 400m walk to Mascot Train Station wherethe CBD is a mere 8 minute train ride away with only 2 stops to Central Station. Across the road from Mascot Oval, Escada places you at the heart of Sydney life.


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