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Here are 26 differences between Sydney's east and west

When it comes to Sydney's perennial east vs west rivalry, there are plenty of opinions and stereotypes about the spray-tanned, salmon-wearing 'silver tails' and ugg boot-bound bogan 'westies'.

And then there are facts.

Here, we've used data to explore the actual differences between life in a selection of Sydney's eastern and western suburbs. Some of it's serious, some of it's fun. Nothing here is meant to be perjorative. Because there's no 'superior' Sydney - just different ones.

Hopefully this sheds some light on the magnitude of those differences, real or imagined.

You can rent a four-bedroom house in the west cheaper than a studio apartment in the east

But that doesn't mean it's easier to pay the bills

Which might explain why, despite the cheapest rent, Mt Druitt tenants have the most bond money withheld

A millionaire still needs another $2 million loan to buy the average Bondi beach house

But then houses are pretty hard to come by in the east

Very few brave souls ride scooters in the west

Sydney sweats in very different ways

The kids are bigger out west. The adults, too

Probably because there are far more people earning over $2000 per week

Percentage of people within each weekly income band.

Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/here-are-26-differences-between-sydney-s-east-and-west-20180216-p4z0jt.html



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