Macquarie Park - NSW

Share in the vibrancy, colour and energy of Prime. Work, play and relax all right where you live. Prime’s fusion of imaginative architecture, lively public spaces and uplifting residential leisure zones will soon shape a multi-dimensional new focus for this rapidly evolving lifestyle hub.

In Macquarie Park’s metropolitan heart, Prime’s inspired designer apartments weave stunning outlooks and elevated green landscapes alongside beautiful living spaces

Throughout the seasons, Prime’s delightful resort-style leisure zones are an oasis in the city. Wake early for morning laps of the magnificent 25-metre pool. Bask on the pool deck with a cool drink and a magazine. Enveloped in luxury, this immersive indoor-outdoor pool area is a beautiful and meditative space and a wonderful contrast to the metropolitan pace outside your home.

A short level walk to the Train Station, bus interchange and university campus, Prime is about as central, convenient and connected as it gets.

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