West Melbourne - VIC

Townhaus is inspired by a Bauhaus principle that unifies practical and creative art forms in a beautiful expression of refined architecture.

Situated in one of the last authentic inner-city neighborhoods, Townhaus fuses the creative edge of Melbourne’s north with the natural setting of West Melbourne.

Townhaus, a symbol of its residents and their colourful lifestyles, contrasts against the darker colour palette and the rich industrial roots of West Melbourne, synergizing not only with the surrounding environment, but also with the very populace itself.

A quiet pocket on the fringes of the CBD, West Melbourne is a suburb where quaint cafés and local providers stand alongside famous concert halls.

Townhaus is connected to the vast array of 

entertainment that Melbourne has on offer. West Melbourne itself is home to charming cafés, verdant gardens and delicious cuisines from around the globe.


To the north, Queen Victoria Market, along with cosy bars, local fashion boutiques and famed cultural performance venues line the streets of North Melbourne. A short walk to the southeast is the CBD, providing easy access to the rest of the city and all it entails.

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